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Recommended Commercial items for indirect Offset
Welcome to the website of Recommended-Items
for the Defense Offset Program.

We hereby introduce the complete offset program requirements as well as
superior and reliable products, manufactured by various SMEs in Korea,
which will help enhance the competitiveness of your company.

Use this information for writing your proposals or strengthening your negotiation.

Agricultural Equipment (2) Apparel, Luggage, Personal Care (8) Building, Construction Machinery (11)
Cleaning Equipment (1) Distribution Systems (8) Domestic Appliances (1)
Electrical, Lighting Components (9) Electronic Components (50) Entertainment, Education (1)
Furniture, Furnishings (6) Handling, Storage Equipment (4) IT, Telecommunications (48)
Industrial Manufacturing Service (3) Laboratory Equipment (25) Manufacturing Components (25)
Manufacturing Machinery (37) Medical Equipment (7) Office Equipment (1)
Plastic and Rubber Materials (2) Power Generation Machinery (26) Printing, Audio, Visual Equipment (2)
Security, Safety Equipment (10) Tools, General Machinery (6) Transport Vehicles (28)

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