GES Co.,Ltd.

GES Co.,Ltd.

Company Overview

GES Co. was established in Jan 2004 by a group of IT Communication R&D researchers. GES has been continuously developing advanced security and energy management technologies and expanding the market from domestic to global.

Security business has been growing with patrol security systems, video surveillance and perimeter protection systems. EMS business has been expanding to smart grid building energy management systems. GES is up-and-coming small and medium sized company, specialized in security systems and energy management systems. The PIDS(Perimeter Intrusion Detection System; APIDS&PIDS), perimeter protection systems are included in security systems. We devote a great deal of effort to research and development in order to bring our customers the best products and solutions available anywhere. We will strive to achieve the challenge and ceaseless innovation. We, GES also won various certificates and awards including Citation from the minister of Ministry of Knowledge Economy, Grand Prize of the Best Entrepreneur in SMEs by Seongnam-si and Grand award of the Best Entrepreneur in SMEs/Venture companies and Promising SMEs by Gyeonggi province and President Prize in SMEs Technical Innovation Conference. GES has started a new challenges aiming at being a champion of the Global Market Based on the steadfast reliability of the customers, we will honestly move forward step by step. GES is going to be a true pioneer in Embedded System that opens a new era of IoT in the field of Security and Energy through unceasing innovation and challenge.

GES is a company with registered capital of US$300,000. The company records annual revenues of US$11million. A total of 46 people, which includes 25 R&D engineers and 8 production engineers, are employed at our head office and factory. We have cited the international qualification Rohs, CE, FCC, VCCI of PIDSFence system and will have certification the DEFENCE QUALIFICATION MARK from Korea Defence Agency for army Technology and Quality.

GES specializes in advanced security system for buildings and secure facilities. We have been supplying competitive Perimeter Intrusion Detection System for military base and military demarcation line and many other critical facilities. This system is built around the latest Multi Sensor, and is balanced and enhanced by the strengths of two methods.

TYPE 1. PIDS(Perimeter Intrusion Detection System) _ Electrostatic Sensing
TYPE 2. APIDS(Advanced Perimeter Intrusion Detection System)_Fiber Optic Sensing and Electrostatic Sensing

Key features of this system are higher accuracy, lower false alarm, competitive build cost, easy installation & repair and flexible interoperability.

* Technology Readiness Level (fielded, lab tested, operational test):
- Passed operation test & evaluation by Korean Air Force (Missile Silos, Air Base)
- Passed demonstration & inspection by Japanese Self-Defense (Military Base)
- Countries using this product: Korea, Japan, Mongol.

PIDS Fence detects and locates any attempt to cut, climb or otherwise break through the fence. Installed on existing fence, this system uses simplex fiber optic net and generic communication cable as a sensor, and is easily installed to the fence, which greatly reduce total build cost.

* TYPE 1. PIDS: When an intruder tries to cut or climb over fence, sensor cable react to the pressure applied, and system measures the amount of electric charge and analyzes frequency and amplitude in reacting cable to identify the types of intrusion.
* TYPE 2. APIDS: By monitoring the change of its laser signal caused by cutting, climbing, lifting on the fence, the fiber optic mesh sensor detects and identifies the type of intrusion through the system algorithm. Net type fiber sensor is perfectly suited to detect the intrusion via cutting.

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