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  • NAME: Explosion Proof SPD
  • CODE: 16C680170318D
  • Category (UNSPSC): Circuit Protection Devices & Accessories
  • REGISTRATION DATE: 2016-12-09
  • Explosion proof SPD, Surge Protective Device, Surge Suppresser, SPD , IEcEx certification


Product Description

[Product Description]

Explosion-proof Surge Protective Devices

[Need of SPDs]
: As the induced lightning gets through an outside cable or electric wire, it may damage the high tech and high priced electronic equipments. When lightning strikes a building, the induced lightning could be generated through outside cable or electric wires causing in damages to communication equipments or sensitive electric devices such as computers. Accordingly, there needs to be a device to cut off inductive lightning surge.
Install surge protective device cutting off inductive lightning of each equipment.
Classified protection criteria applied.

Explosion-proof Surge Protective Devices


IECEx Certificate No.: IECEx DEK 15.0019X

* Operation Principle
In case of abnormal voltage inflows, an SPD transmits large amount of current into the varistor instead of the load as voltage rises while it does not transmit electric currents at normal voltage.

* Explosion-proof housing
- Explosion-proof Level : EX d II B T6 pressure-resistant explosion-proof structure
- IP Protection Level: IP66
- Material : Aluminum alloy
* Performance of Surge Protective Devices
◆ Power?communication integrated Surge Protective Devices
Surge Protective Devices for power (KS C IEC 61643-11 standard applied)
  - Class I Iimp 20kA combination type
  - 3-phase 4-wire type 380/220V
  - Up : L-N 3.5kV, N-PE 2.5kV
  - Phase voltage / Surge counter / Volume of Surge Current/ Fault Indicator/ Temperature
    of Varistor/ Event time memory
Surge protective devices for communication (KS C 61643-21 standard applied)
  - DC 24V
  - Category C2 6kV / 3kA
  - 6 power lines (12 communication lines)
  - Fault Indicator / Surge counter / Event time memory
* Monitoring system
- Check voltage of each phase
- Indicate surge currents
- Event memory and warning sign
- Indicate daily/weekly/yearly data
- Provide data graphs

  • Monitoring System Screen
    3-phrase, Surge, Event
    Real time MOV temperature graph
    Graph by Date/Month/Year
* Product Shape

* Product Drawing

* Product installation drawing


* Monitoring System Screen



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