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  • NAME: DGPS Transmitter
  • CODE: 18E2600201204
  • Category (UNSPSC): Broadcasting Equipment & Services
  • REGISTRATION DATE: 2018-05-11
  • DGPS Transmitter, DGNSS, GPS, Comminication equipement, DGPS


Product Description


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The transmitter basically amplifies the signals generated from an external GPS Receiver and Reference Station
Designed dual system for uses switching technology in the power amplifier and modulator/regulator modules resulting in a highly efficient system
Automatic transfer system for amplifier and modulator/ regulator modules failed
Operated using by AC or DC power source and automatic power changing system when AC power source failed
Ethernet interface for Remote control and monitoring
Front panel LCD
Microprocessor controller
Easy for maintenance (Full Modular type)


  • Our DGPS have more power capability than other competitors by having 2-times more FET at power amplifier to avoid failures.
  • This is DUAL type system, the Main transmitter has connected to Antenna and Stand-by transmitter has connected to Dummy load for normal condition. If unexpected abnormal condition has happened on Main transmitter, then Stand-by transmitter will be connected to Antenna and Main transmitter will be connected to Dummy load automatically by the Automatic Change Over system.
  • Step-Start circuit has applied at power supply to prevent failure happened by Peak voltage during power input.
  • Other transmitters will be OFF and change-over to a stand-by transmitter when VSWR. If VSWR happens again at the stand-by transmitter, both main and stand-by transmitter will be OFF so they could not use the transmitters. Then operator go in front of the transmitter and make ON manually to use.However, our transmitter reduce its power gradually and will automatically return to normal output once lightning disappear for the certain period of time.
  • Lightning protection device has installed only at Antenna Tuning Unit for other transmitters, so the system has often damaged. However, we installed lightning protection device at three places; Antenna Tuning Unit input, Antenna Tuning Unit output, Transmitter output to perfectly cut off lightning.


Carrier power 1000watt or over
Frequency range 190KHz to 550KHz
Type of Emission NON, G1D(MSK)
External drive level -3dbm +10dBm into 50ohm
Spurious Emission -70db (measured at dummy load antenna)
Input power 115V/230V ±10%, Single phase, 50/60Hz or 144V.dc
Metering Forward power, Reflected power, PA voltage, PA current
Cooling type Forced Air
Operating Temperature -10℃ to +55℃
Humidity 95% @ 40℃
Overall efficiency better than 70%
Cabinet size 540(W)×1640(H)×750(D)

With Composition of Equipment in Transmission systems

    • Frequency Range : 190KHz to 550KHz
    • Load Impedance : 2 to 25 ohm resistance 600 to 3500 capacitance
    • Frequency Range : 190KHz to 550KHz
    • Power Ration : 1500watt
    • Frequency Range : 190KHz to 550KHz
    • Power Ration : over than 1500watt


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