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  • NAME: A350 Nose Landing Gear Bay
  • CODE: 18B2400203219
  • Category (UNSPSC): Aircraft Equipment
  • REGISTRATION DATE: 2018-09-14
  • Korea composite Inc., A350 Nose Landing Gear Bay


Product Description

A350 Nose Landing Gear Bay

1. Name : A350 Nose Landing Gear Bay

2. Category : Aircraft Part

3. Part Description

A350 Nose Landing Gear Bay (Bulkhead & Stiffener)
4. As Korea Composites Inc.(KCI) is specialized at manufacturing composite structural parts and interior parts for aircraft, Parts for A350 ose Landing Gear Bay have been produced and have been delivered more than 450 ship sets since 2012. KCI can manage the all composite manufacturing rocess such as handling raw-materials, laying up prepregs, curing parts, machining, non-destructive test and dimension inspection. With autonomy and reliability, Korea Composites Inc. can provide the highest quality with best market price and competitive lead time.

1) Business outline

- Customer : Korea Aerospace Industry / Airbus
- Product Type : Laminate Panel
- Material : Composites(GFRP & CFRP)

2) Approval Status

- AS9100 Rev.D
- Nadcap(Composites)
- Nadcap(NDI)
- D6-53993(Qualification of Sources for Composite Parts)
- D1-4426(Boeing Approved Process Source)
- AIPI 03-02-019(Manufacture of Monolithic Parts with Thermoset Prepreg Materials)

3) Work Scope

- Lay-up and Cure composite Parts
- Machining
- Non-destructive and dimension inspection


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