Korea Nakajo Co.,Ltd.

Korea Nakajo Co.,Ltd.

[Company Introduction]

Korea Nakajo Co., Ltd and ICT Nakajo Co. Ltd have taken part in the history of ice dispenser with passion and challenge spirit with ice. With the technology we are going to open new chapter of ice dispenser history. With more than 30 years of experience, we have created ice dispenser that dispense both water and ice with approved consistency, innovation and polished style. We put our customers as first priority to keep the constant trust. The brand name ICEVAN is the symbol of our products with accumulated technology.

Korea Nakajo never stops thinking.
Our today is determined by numbers, but our tomorrow is determined by our philosophy and belief. 
ICE Market Solution Provider, KOREA NAKAJO
Korea Nakajo has been thinking differently from others for the last 30 years.
Our principles are based on Customer values.
We care about even the smallest details of our clients request. We understand them.
To better the life quality of our client, We will stay true to our belief and principles
We will grow alongside our customers.
We believe in new innovative ideas.

[Company History]

30 years ago in 1985, Korea Nakajo started as the Japanese corporate firm. 
Then 2000 we launched a Korean corporate firm. 
In 2001 Supplied LG Screw type Ice Maker units
In 2002 Supplied Samsung Electronics Screw type Ice Maker units
We worked with top domestic manufacturers and led the ice maker markets together.
In 2002, in collaboration with Samsung, we introduced dispensable Ice maker units and exported them to markets of JAPAN Beverage in 2002.
We expanded our business through exporting the entire beverage units to Japanese markets.
We exported Toshiba Vending Machine Screw type Ice  maker units in 2003
And became the global company through exporting
Japanese Toshiba Screw type Ice Maker Unit STO-151 to Japanese markets in 2007.
Registered as the Venture Business in 2007, 
Awarded ISO9001 , ISO14001 certifications in 2008,
and developed the ICEVAN in 2009 to become the leading ice maker company.
Korea Nakajo never stops.
2012 With the launch of Stainless Steel Pin type ice maker units 
We launched the Ice Dispenser NID 082 , Snow Machine NSM-25G0MW  in 2014
And Snow Dispenser NSD-201MW in 2015. 
Korea Nakajo has established the reputation of being the world’s leading ice market solution provider.