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About Offset.GobizKorea.com



Offset.GobizKorea.com is a B2B site for Indirect Offset trades, which is managed by Rep. of Korea’s Ministry of SMEs and Startups(MSS). MSS is the governmental agency primarily responsible for providing a portfolio of initiatives to support the creation and growth of small and medium enterprises(SMEs).

Offset.GobizKorea.com shows superior and reliable products, manufactured by various SMEs in Korea. All listed suppliers and products have been recently recommended for Indirect Offset by the Minister of SMEs and Startups on the grounds stated in Article26(2) of the Enforcement Decree of th Defense Acquisition Program Act.

  * Offset trade
Trade where a condition of reciprocal service, such as transfer of relevant knowledge, technology, etc., the overseas export of domestic weapons, equipment, parts, etc. is attached when purchasing weapons, equipment, etc. from abroad;
** Indirect Offset
Technology transfer, manufacturing and export activities, etc. that are not directly pertaining to the equipment or goods to be acquired.

Search for the MSS-recommended companies and their products for your offset implementations, and use this information for writing your proposals and strengthening your negotiation.

If you have any questions about whether a product is registered for the indirect offset program or how to contact with the listed suppliers, please click “CONTACT US”.

Legal ground

[Enforcement Date 30. Nov, 2016.] [Presidential Decree No.27618, 29. Nov, 2016., Partial Amendment]

Article 26 (Standards for Offset Trade)

(2) "Matters prescribed by Presidential Decree, such as export linkages for commodities other than munitions" in Article 20 (3) 6 of the Act means the following matters: <Newly Inserted by Presidential Decree No. 21596, Jul. 1, 2009; Presidential Decree No. 24413, Mar. 23, 2013; Presidential Decree No. 25003, Dec. 17, 2013>

1. Export linkages for commodities, other than munitions, selected by the Administrator of the Defense Acquisition Program Administration upon recommendation of the Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy or the Minister of SMEs and Startups;